School Transport

The Transport facilities are provided to desired students by the school for which a fixed monthly amount charged from the Parent depending upon the distance and place. Those who use school transport will be picked up and dropped only at the stops fixed by the school. Parent/Guardian should make proper arrangements to escort the child to pick up point in the morning and from the dropping point in the afternoon. The school is not responsible for any kind of inconvenience caused to the child during his/her journey between and the school transport stop. Parent/Guardians should take utmost care and vigil to ensure maximum safety to the child. Students and parents are expected to be at the school transport bus stop 5 minutes earlier to the time given.

If any student wants to discontinue the use of school transport the parent will have to give a written application one calender month is advance or one months transport charges in lieu there of. For any change in the transport arrangement, a written request standing adequate reason should be made to the Principal. Students should maintain discipline during journey period. Indiscipline students will not be permitted to use school transport.